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Trip to MIC Craft Maker Space

On October 6th, we took a trip to the MIC Craft Maker Space. In their own words:

“[It] is an initiative by Mary Immaculate College providing STEM outreach engagement to children, schools and the public. The initiative aims to demystify STEM and STEAM and to catalyse the public’s engagement with STEAM through a variety of accessible and inclusive outreach activities that focus on building creativity, innovation and STEAM skills for life.” 

As it was Space Week, we took part in space-themed activities. 

Our first activity was to use our creative minds to make rockets using only a sheet of A4 paper, a pencil, a straw and a scissors. We learned that we needed to have one part of the rocket closed and to use the straw to blow air into it to take off. 

Once we completed out rocket design, we took to the test area to see how far our rockets would fly!

Our second activity was creating a circuit using LED lights. First we designed our space-themed greeting card. Then we placed a small LED light through the card. When that was done, we experimented with a battery to get the LED to light up. Once we figured this out, we secured the battery using copper tape.