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FIRST Lego League Explore

STEM comes alive at SJTBB once again!

Lego League Explore Showcase 2024!

FIRST LEGO League gives students an age-appropriate access to research, design and programming. We spark an early interest in STEM (math, computer science, science and technology) and strengthen students communication skills and teamwork.


Explore is FIRST LEGO League’s entry-level program for primary school-aged children (ages 6-10). Each year, students have fun exploring a new science and technology topic in teams as well as in class. They learn programming with a robotics set in a playful way and create a motorized LEGO model. The educational experience focuses on FIRST`s core values of respectful interaction, shared experience, and critical thinking. At the end of each season, participating teams showcase their finished projects to present their results, share ideas, and have a great time together!


In the MASTERPIECE season, FIRST LEGO League teams will imagine and innovate new ways to create and communicate art across the globe. Use your imagination to re-think the world of arts! This year, the children created stages, football pitches, skate parks, dog parks and other social settings, all of which they have interest or passion in.