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School History

St John the Baptist BNS was originally established on John’s Street, Limerick. 

St John the Baptist moved down to Downey Street at least 70 years ago. We are currently looking to get an exact date and year! If you have any information, please let us know! The school has always been recognised for being a great sporting school, participating in many sports and winning lots of trophies and medals along the way.

Currently, the school is a progressive school which accommodates boys from 2nd Class to 6th class. We are also opening our first ASD room in September to support children with educational needs. We are a school that thrives on inclusivity and have a love for Music, sports and other extra curricular activities.

St. John's - Memory Lane
Credit: Limerick, A Stroll Down Memory Lane

St John the Baptist BNS offers a multi-faceted education which enables its young people to emerge as fulfilled and well-rounded individuals, whose innate and unique potential is fostered at all times. The school takes great pride in its pupils, their achievements and contributions, and also its teachers who maintain high and honourable standards and live up to a noble tradition.

The school offers a wide range of in-school and after-school activities. The school’s proximity to UL allows the pupils to utilize the excellent sporting facilities at their doorstep-such as swimming classes at the Olympic-sized  pool, use of the PE facilities at UL arena, concerts and cultural events. Children in Milford who enjoy music can join the school band which will be up and running in September.


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