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DEIS Plan 21/22 

September 2021 Newsletter Update

Our school has created a school improvement plan following consultation with the school’s Managers, teachers, pupils and parents. As we are in the midst of a pandemic, health and safety along with well-being and anti- bullying remain to be our areas of priority. However, the school has also prioritised the areas listed below for 21/22. We appreciate your support in helping us make St. John the Baptist BNS a safe, happy and a great place to learn.

● All children will be in small groups for Small Group Literacy Instruction for a block of 6 weeks, twice a
● We have introduced the starlight programme to support our children with oral language. We will focus on developing good language structures, oral sequencing and storytelling.
● The New language curriculum is being implemented.
● There is a library in all classes now with an extensive range of new reading materials.
● Writing- We will be encouraging and helping your child to write in different genres of writing throughout the
year. We will focus on three genres this year.
● Ms Grace will continue to support children with English as an additional language.

● We will continue to put an emphasis on number and mental maths in all classes and help your child to develop a good number sense.
● A lot of targeted children will be getting extra support with the Special Ed. Team on a daily basis.
● All children are working from the Busy at Maths scheme.
● We are putting an emphasis on time this year and working very hard to help your child be able to read
and understand time and to link it to real- life experiences.
● School invested in Prim. Ed STEM boxes to support the children to develop their problem solving skills.
● 6th class are getting extra numeracy support- they are being taught real life Maths skills.

● We are putting a huge emphasis on punctuality and attendance. There will be an award for the class with the best attendance at the end of each term.
● Suspensions have greatly reduced due to an immense improvement in behaviour the past two years. There
have been no suspensions in the month of September!
● Please take extra care for your child to be at school on time before 8:50am.

Partnerships with Parents and others
● We are very proud of having good relationships with many groups associated with the school and we will be
working on strengthening these links.